Why choose acrylics?

When I enrolled in my first painting class (many years ago) I was given a list of materials to purchase. The paint requirement was a sample box of acrylic paints, it contained about ten tubes, each containing a different colour. Acrylics were all the go back then, a time when Folk Art was HUGE; everyone was using acrylics. I’ve replaced many art materials from that first list since; but acrylics remain.  I suppose that’s when my love affair with this wonderful product began.

Over the years I have used other mediums, some I’ve  just had a dabble with, others I’ve completed a number of projects with.

Although I still use other mediums from time to time, my personal choice would have to be acrylic paints. They are my “go to” paints.

They’re just so versatile!

They dry quickly.

They’re easily mixed together so you can create your own colours.

They mix well with water and clean up with water.

You can wipe them off when mistakes are made, and they hide mistakes.

Acrylics can also be used on just about any surface; you can paint on paper, canvas, board, tin, wood, glass, metal, rock, fabric, MDF or Masonite.

mushroom pencil-makeup case wordpress

“Mushrooms” painted on fabric using acrylics.

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 If you’ve chosen a shiny surface such as metal all you need is to prepare the surface for the paint to grip or else it can peel off easily. So if you want to paint on shiny metal or plastic, you just need to apply a couple of coats of an appropriate sealer to bind the paint to the surface. Or you can roughen it up a little with a fine grade sandpaper to give the surface “tooth”.

mini watering cans

“Minniature Watering Cans” painted on tin using acrylics

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Oily surfaces such as anything primed specifically for oil paints, and pre painted with oil paints are unsuitable for acrylics because the acrylics won’t bind with the surface and will eventually come off. Although, oils will adhere when painted over acrylics.

Chapel  1

“Chapel” oil paints rouged over acrylics

Acrylics are odourless.  They provide smooth and even coverage, and come in a huge range of intense colours. You can add mediums to create texture, to slow down the drying process so you increase blending time, or add transparency.

I use and recommend DecoArt products. They have everything you can think of in their vast range of products and are continuously adding more amazing products as well as updating their current range.  Their paints stay true to their colour; they don’t fade and are such a delight to work with. They are safe and non-toxic.

Americana paints 3

DecoArt Americana Acrylics come in a variety of colours you can purchase individually. They are also available in a range of great valued sets.

Americana 6-Colour Set – Primary is an excellent choice to get you started.  The paints can be combined to create a useful range of colours.

Happy painting,



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