Snuggle Up and Cross Stitch

When it comes to creating, nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction the way painting does.

But, occasionally I like to switch to other crafts…

 Here in Victoria, Australia, winter has made its grand entrance. And when the mercury drops considerably and each day our daylight hours are shortened, I get this overwhelming urge to snuggle up and stitch, knit or crochet.

This year I’m obsessed with cross stitch.

Counted-thread Embroidery was one of the first handcrafts I learned. And counted cross-stitch is one of the easiest embroidery stitches: there’s only one stitch, cross stitch, the rest is all in the counting of the little squares.

Just make sure all upper stitches lie at the same angle and you can’t go wrong.

In this month’s issue of Handmade I’m sharing my Bee cross stitch design. The design is stitched on Aida cloth which is ideal for cross stitching. Aida cloth is an open weave, even weave fabric, so you know exactly where to place your needle.

Bee cross stitch 2

Although, I have added another stitch to this design; back stitch, and this one is just as easy.

Bee backstitch a

Handmade Vol. 34 No. 12 is now available from newsagencies and supermarkets.

Happy stitching,



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