Fun with Fetes and Fairs

Winter is approaching its final weeks here in Melbourne Australia, and what a miserably cold and wet season we encountered this year.

As the days get longer, we are reminded of the warmer weather that lies ahead.

Soon we will welcome Spring. A season celebrated with fetes and fairs. Where schools, churches, charities and local communities come together to raise well needed funds by selling handmade crafts, home produce and bric a brac. Not to mention yummy food and cake stalls, rides, raffles and fun activities for families to attend and enjoy the day. You can vouch that there will be one popping up around the corner from you weekend after weekend.

This month’s issue of handmade is full of quick and easy projects to create in very little time.

So start creating, set up a stall and have fun while raising funds for schools and your community.

moustache coathangers

You will find my “Moustache Coat Hangers” project and my “Whimsical Tree” project in

Handmade Vol 35 No 2 along with step by step instructions.

Whimsical Tree 1

Handmade is available from supermarkets and newsagency stores now…

Happy painting,



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