Christmas Gift Tag/Decoration Project

There’s nothing more personal than something handmade.

 Although I don’t always have time to make elaborate gifts, I can assure you something as simple as a handmade gift tag or Christmas decoration can be just as cherished by a loved one.

Today I’m sharing a project with you.


Gift Tag or Christmas Decoration?

 I just couldn’t decide so I have incorporated these into one. Attach them to a gift then they may be used as a Christmas tree decoration… year after year.


And each one can be as special as the person you are gifting to.  You can personalise them by adding a name on the back, (I like to add the year as well) or just add a simple Christmas greeting.


Gift Tag/Christmas Decoration Project


supplies-2 supplies

3mm thick MDF; cut into round shapes -90mm diameter (can be purchased from art and craft shops)

A selection of small plywood laser cut Christmas shapes

½ inch flat brush

DecoArt Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer

Fine sandpaper

DecoArt Americana – Santa Red, Cool White

DecoArt Americana Pearlizing Medium

DecoArt Americana Glazing Medium

Cling wrap –any brand will do

4cm sponge brush

10/0 liner brush (to write message)

DecoArt Craft twinkles – Silver

DecoArt Metallic Lustre – Silver Spark

DecoArt Americana DuraClear Varnish – Gloss


Always allow drying time between coats.

Add a small amount of Cadmium Orange to Santa Red to give it extra “pop”.


Apply two coats of Multi-Purpose Sealer using the flat brush, allowing it to dry and sanding well between each coat.

Red Ornament

Base the front and the back with three coats of Santa Red. If you want to write a message on the back, use the liner brush with Cool White. You may need to go over the message a few times to achieve an opaque finish.  Next, carefully  coat each letter with Craft twinkles.

White Ornament

Step 1. Base the front and the back with three coats of Cool White.

Step 2. On your palette mix Cool White with Pearlizing Medium 1:1. Then add an equal amount of Glazing Medium to the mix.

Step 3. Brush the mix over the piece.

Step 4. While this is still wet, place the cling wrap over the top, allowing wrinkles to form and pressing down firmly with your fingers.

Step 5. Remove the cling wrap carefully and allow the paint to dry.

Step 6. Using the sponge brush add Craft Twinkles to create a 5mm border around the edge of the decoration. Then  allow this to dry thoroughly.

Step 7. To add a message on the back of the white tag, you may use  the liner brush as per the instructions for the red tag.

A stencil or craft decal will work well too.

Step 8. If you want to add sparkles on the back (no message) omit the cling wrap technique and paint over the Cool White background with several coasts of Craft twinkles.

Laser Cut Shapes


Paint the front and sides of each shape.

Don’t paint the back, a raw surface will always adhere better than a painted one.

Red heart and deer shapes

Base with three coats of Santa Red.

White star

Step 1. Base with three coats of Cool White then draw the diamond shaped design using the pencil and ruler. Add several coats of Metallic Lustre on alternate points. Polish up with a soft cloth.

Step 2.  Dip the white points  only in Craft Twinkles and let them dry.

White tree and heart

Base with three coats of Cool White. When dry, paint over with several coasts of Craft twinkles. The amount of coats depends on how much sparkle you like,

  It is Christmas after all! So, there’s no such thing as too much sparkle? Right?  🙂 


Attach a laser cut-out in the centre of a round shaped ornament with PVA glue

When dry apply several coats of varnish.


Happy painting,


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