Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year dear friends! Have you made your New Year resolutions yet?

So, how is it going?

 Is it all going to plan?

Seriously now, I don’t make resolutions (or maybe I’m just afraid of the word), I’d rather refer to them as plans or goals.


To me, making a resolution seems like I’m setting myself up against a powerful force to fail…

I would like to share with you how I approach a new year, setting my creative goals and plans is always something I begin to work on from late December to early January.


  1. Make a List – I’m a list person, I need to make lists to give my life direction both on a conscious and subconscious level. My yearly list will consist of what I plan to achieve on a professional and personal level. This keeps me on track throughout the year. Usually, on a professional level I would refer to my achievements of previous years as my minimal goal, I then add a few more goals just to lift the bar a little higher.
  2. Goals should be achievable –I don’t like setting unrealistic goals, goals should be personally achievable, I believe they should align with the internal view of our own capability. A “healthy” push can work well for me. I enjoy challenges without way too much pressure. Pressure creates stress. I enjoy my work (and require good health) and that will always be my priority. I don’t want to lose the pleasure of painting and creating.
  3. Prepare for life’s surprises – Life can have its fair share of surprises which distract us from moving forward. We can never be fully prepared or predict the future when illness, family issues, work issues or any other issues get in the way. I like to allow for a few weeks over the year when nothing gets done.
  4. Allow for mistakes – As with life’s surprises, sometimes I go off track just as I’m almost reaching the finish line. But that’s okay; I give myself time to find my path again. At times I can move forward in leaps and bounds, other times I may take two steps forward and one step backward. I may even stand still for a while. And, if I don’t finish on time…there is always next year to achieve my goal. As long as I’m trying and learning from my mistakes I’m heading in the right direction.
  5. Create a Journal – I keep track of my achievements throughout the year by keeping a journal. If I ever feel that I haven’t accomplished enough so far, I refer to it. This always lifts my spirits when there are too many distractions in my life.
  6. Never stop trying new things – My goals always include trying out something new, whether it’s a new skill or experimenting with new creative material. At times it opens up my eyes to a new world of creativity that I never knew existed and other times…well, it just reinforces my own technique or material is what’s right for me. Never the less I keep trying new things, if it doesn’t work for me …that’s okay. I tried.
  7. Be prepared to adapt – The world changes every day. Be prepared to alter goals that may not feel right as the months roll by. Don’t wait for the next year to make a new one. On a professional basis I sometimes need to change my goals throughout the year if I feel they are no longer related to current trends. But that’s okay with me, as long as the alternative is made sooner rather than later with what’s fashionable.
  8. You have a whole year ahead -There is no need to rush into achieving all your goals at once. You have 365 days to make it happen.
  9. Enjoy It – Make sure you’re having a good time doing it.
  10. It’s okay to change your mind – If it doesn’t sit right at any time, you can scrap it. It’s your list…no one will know. If you’re not having fun doing it, don’t do it…and that’s okay.

Happy New Year,



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