Stash Buster

At the start of every year I give my studio a good clean up.

From emptying and refilling shelves and cupboards, washing windows and furnishings and finally giving my painting space (yep…walls included) a good scrub.

A clean space enables me to have my supplies properly organised, accessible and easy to put away once I’ve finished using them. I keep my workspace neat by laying down old sheets, towels or tablecloths. Once they become overly splattered with paint, I roll them up, throw them out and replace them with a clean one.

This also keeps my creative head space clear. There is something that excites me when I place a crisp white canvas on a clean surface.

The clean-up process also allows me to do a stock take. Lists are created for supplies I’m short on such as paints, brushes and other equipment. Then I begin to look for some great deals (usually online) and place my order.

I pin my new goals for the year on my wall. I’m ready to face the year ahead.

But… each year I do end up with the same dilemma.

I seem to accumulate more and more painting surfaces. I sometimes do go crazy over a good deal and forget that this leads to a lot of waste, both in product and in studio space. And if they end up at the bottom of the stash, well… they end up damaged, scratched and knocked about, some are even beyond repair. Then there’s the forgotten lot … which unwittingly I’ll purchase again.

And again I’ll say the same old thing “I MUST REDUCE MY STASH”, so I make a list of which surface would best suit which project and what style of painting would do justice to it.

Again, this year, the challenge is on,

So, let’s see…will I defy the odds?

If I stick to it,

as the year goes on…


Happy crafting,



4 thoughts on “Stash Buster

  1. Though I’m not an artist, I can identify with your dilemma. A good part of doing something that you love is the anticipation. I’m sure that when you purchase these supplies, the anticipation of the work is forefront in your mind.

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    • Yes, you are right! I get so excited when I see new products which connect with an idea running through my mind.
      Have a good day and thank you for commenting.

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