Button Disaster!

Remember the wooden flower shaped buttons I showed you last year?

 I had only just purchased them and was so excited and eager to start on a new design I had in mind. I wanted to combine them with an idea I had for a cross stitch pattern.


Well, these brightly coloured pink and deep purple cuties were not all they seemed to be.

You see, when I purchased them their pretty colours weren’t sealed. I’m not sure if they’re stained, dyed or painted with inferior products. But, one thing’s for sure…they definitely lack a protective finish.

Yes, I know …

I should’ve known better… I should have tested them before I attached them to my pure white Aida cloth.


By rubbing my hand over the buttons while focused on perfecting my stitches, it caused the colour to bleed onto the white fabric. ..AUGHHHH!


And here’s a closer look…


And it bled onto the embroidery floss…



So, next time I’ll know…

I shall make a little test spot on the back of the button first and see how it performs on a scrap piece of light coloured fabric. Then I’ll test it wet and see how it dries.  After all, imagine if I wanted to use the buttons on a wearable project.

I’ll insert toothpicks in the holes to help hold the button in place while I seal it. The toothpicks will also prevent the holes from clogging up with sealer.

 I will allow the button to dry and repeat the process on the other side.

Then after it’s dry, I will apply a second coat of sealer… in case I missed any spots when I applied the first coat.

We live and learn. Not everyone follows the rules…


Happy crafting,


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