On a Sunny Afternoon…


I decided to relax and make the most of our last few sunny autumn days. It won’t be long now before winter takes charge and these opportunities will become improbable.

Revamping an old wobbly rustic consol table was my choice of outdoor relaxation. And changing my creative environment allows me some play time; just to see what happens. Nothing too serious…

…no due date, no master plan, no goal in mind.

Just a creative experiment.

After removing the draws.

And the hardware,

Then, I gave it a good clean. “No sanding required”, was the advise written on the paint tin.

Yep, I’ll go with that.

I was a little concerned about the previous dark coloured stain bleeding through, so I decided to apply a couple of coats of stain blocker.

Next, I applied two coats of Americana Décor Chalky Finish; Whisper

AJ. The quality control watchdog was on patrol…

I added a few more finishing touches with stencils


And now I’m waiting…

What’s the verdict?  … Hmm


Happy revamping,



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