Deadline Dilemmas

Publishing deadlines are looming over my head as magazine production turns its focus on preparations for their Christmas issues.

My Christmas designs are now due. I’m busily putting my schedule in order by prioritising each project by its cut off date.

And one by one each project will go through the same process;

After finalising the design; a pattern is created, step by step instructions are typed; patterns and outlines are drawn, then measured and checked. Next, the entire work is reviewed. Finally, the completed project is safely packed and posted; making its way to the editor’s desk- hopefully before the clock stops.

Understandably all deadline situations are different and we all need to find what strategies work best for our circumstances.

 Here are some tips that work for me when facing a deadline


  1. Make a List

Keep a list of each project along with its due date. I write mine on a whiteboard near my workstation and refer to it daily.


  1. Prioritise

Be sure to prioritise each project in order of its due date. Work on one project at a time. I find I work faster by staying focused on the same subject. Once it’s finished and turned in I can clear my head and start fresh on the next one.


  1. Break up the project into smaller tasks

A big chunk of work can seem intimidating. I prefer to divide this into smaller sections of separate tasks.                    So … I make another list – this time I break up the project into smaller chunks.  Completing a smaller piece of a large project and checking it off shows me that I have made progress.


  1. Take regular breaks

A fresh eye always helps me eliminate mistakes that can cost me more time later.


  1. Allow time to Reassess

Leave reasonable time to re evaluate the entire project, just to be sure it flows well and meets expectations.


Happy planning,



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