DecoArt Media Misters

Pushing through my project deadline schedule leaves me very little time to create.

But occasionally I manage to sneak away … and play a little,

you know … just to clear my head for a minute.


 For a quick background I like to choose DecoArt Media Misters. You can create some really interesting effects with very little effort. Just gently shake and mist over the surface …. There’s no mixing and no brushes to contend with and … No basecoat required. 

DecoArt Media Misters are great for mixed media projects.

 They work well on porous surfaces such as paper or cards.



Spray a combination of several colours over each other… then watch them disperse, creating different colours and unusual effects.

DecoArt Media Misters look great over textured surfaces and they’re easy to use with stencils too.

Special instructions for using DecoArt Media Misters
  1. Gently shake the misters before use.
  2. Press the nozzle down a little for large droplets.
  3. Press the nozzle all the way down for a fine mist.
  4. When you have finished using the misters, clean the nozzle out to prevent it from clogging. Fill an empty bottle with water and replace the cap with the nozzle, keep spraying the clean water through the nozzle until the water comes out clear.

For more information on this product, visit-


This post is part of the series “Experimenting with creative materials”


Happy painting,




4 thoughts on “DecoArt Media Misters

  1. They look playful! I was just using Tim Holtz Antiquing Misters and being a DecoArt Artist I thought….mmm, I wonder if DecoArt has a product like this???…and up came your post! Thank you so much….I am off to DecoArt! Love your pieces! Thank you for sharing…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Amy,.! DecoArt Media Misters come in a range of colours, but I love White Shimmer,. It’s my favourite!
      For me, it brings everything together. 🙂


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