It’s Frrrreeezing in Australia!

So what does one do?

Rug up, stay warm and create some crafty goodies.

I must admit I can’t wait till spring; when the wind chills ease and the rain and grey skies are almost behind us. But I still believe winter is a great time and season to slow down a little and explore new creativity…

In the meantime, while my countdown to spring continues I’ll just curl up on my comfy couch and cross stitch.

Cross stitch is such a simple craft. It’s just one stitch, cross stitch, the rest is all in the counting of the little squares.

You only need a few basics to get started; Cross stitch fabric, tapestry needle, embroidery floss, scissors and an embroidery hoop.

Here are some tips to get you started
  1. Wash your hands before you begin.
  2. Fold the fabric into quarters to find the centre, then mark the folds with lines of tacking in a contrasting sewing thread. The tacking lines should intersect in the centre.
  3. Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop to keep the tension even.
  4. Begin stitching in the centre of the design.
  5. Don’t knot the end of the floss, just hold it down behind the fabric and catch it down with your first stitches,
  6. Make sure that all upper stitches lie at the same angle.
  7. Always work back into the previous needle entry.
  8. Avoid carrying threads across the back of the work as this may lead to shadows on the front.
  9. To end off the thread, run the needle through the back of several stitches to secure it.
  10. Always remove the fabric from the hoop when not in use.


Happy stitching,


6 thoughts on “It’s Frrrreeezing in Australia!

  1. Yes, it’s jolly cold in Melbourne today. I went to IKEA with my buddy next door. We also stopped off at Papermarc in Hawthorn to check out their goodies. Great afternoon. I have to admit thought I am looking forward to spring too.

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