Inspirational Quotes

 I’ve been drawn to inspirational quotes long before they became a huge fashion thingy. The great motivational power that can be found within the lines of a few astutely chosen words in fancy handwriting or HUGE text; printed on a t shirt, notebook or techie thing (just to name a few) can be quite uplifting and energizing. Sometimes they may even reinforce what we already know (or think we believe we know) about ourselves.

Often these short bursts of stimulation can be just what we need so we can get started with doing what we need to do and escape the daily struggle of a vicious circle.

Many of my designs are inspired by some of my favourite quotes. They motivate me to get back on my feet to face the challenges of life with ambition and determination.

One of my projects which is based on one of my favourite motivational quotes is published in this month’s issue of Handmade magazine Vol 36 No 11– Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly– is a painting design with brightly coloured textured letters.

I’m hoping it will benefit others to make the most of their life.

I also have another project in the same Handmade issue, this one is a really simple and quick cross stitch, my Fox and Panda is stitched on timber medallions. You can hook them onto a bag, zipper or anything you like with a piece of twine.

Happy crafting,


3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes

    • Thank you so much Sarah! The timber medalions were purchased about a year ago from Big W in Australia, I’m sure they were available at many craft shops at the time.They are made by the brand Leutenegger. Let me know if you can find them, Good luck! 🙂


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