Giving leather a fresh new look!

Do you want to give your old leather and leather-like items a fresh new look?

Hand painting leather is a great way of creating one of a kind leather goods and it’s never been this easy. I decided to give a faux leather pouch and a notebook cover a makeover with DecoArt Patent Leather paint and I must say the results were amazing.

I used three colours from DecoArt’s extensive range; Black, Turquoise and White. Although both my patent leather pouch and notebook were originally black, I only needed a couple of coats for full coverage.

I used the “slip-slap” technique and I had to work quickly to achieve the blended look, using two brushes, one for the darker blends and one for the light colour mixing. Using two brushes decreased the chances of needing to rinse the same brush – after all for best results– do not mix this product with water…

 This product can be used on any leather or leather-like item; such as handbags, shoes, belts and upholstery.


About DecoArt Patent Leather

It’s specially formulated to be flexible to prevent cracking or peeling.

Ideal for leather and faux leather surfaces.



Soap and water clean-up.

Comes in a range of colours, including metallics.

Not suitable for Suede & Nubuck.


Tips and how to use DecoArt Patent Leather

Clean and dry surface thoroughly before applying.

Tape off any metal pieces that you don’t want paint on, like the buckle or metal finishes.

Stir bottle instead of shake. (If you shake, let it sit for 15 min to allow bubbles to settle)

Apply evenly with a soft-bristled brush.

Work quickly and do not over brush.

Watch for drips and immediately smooth out with the brush.

Allow to dry completely between coats and apply a second coat if required.

Do not mix with water.


Happy panting



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