DecoArt Media Misters

Pushing through my project deadline schedule leaves me very little time to create. But occasionally I manage to sneak away … and play a little, you know … just to clear my head for a minute.  For a quick background I like to choose DecoArt Media Misters. You can create some really interesting effects with […]

Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part Five)

Part 5– Fabric and Paper Fabric painting is such a joy, and fabric is one of my favourite surfaces to paint on. Just think of all the one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art you can create! T shirts, canvas shoes, scarfs, tote bags are great items to start on. Then there’s the home furnishings such as […]

Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part Four)

Part 4 – Glass and Stone Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile mediums available on the art market today. One of its popular sort after uses is painting on glass. You can paint on almost any type of glass, including glazed ceramic, transparent glass, opaque glass, mirrors and crystal. Acrylics come in a […]

Art Tips and Hints

 Art painting is such a relaxing and enjoyable activity, it’s easy to find that time passes un-noticed when you immerse yourself in this amazing world of creativity. I’ve spent many years working from my kitchen table before moving into my very own creative space- my studio. I’ve had to set up, pack up, and clean […]

Let’s Get Creative

In the field of art, having a good set of materials is important. The kind of materials artists use is fundamental to the work they do. A lack of some supplies can have an impact on the result of their work. After all, you can’t bake or cook without having all the ingredients ready. Over […]