Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part Two)

Part 2 – MDF and  Masonite MDF and Masonite belong to the hardboard family of products. Both are a well suited surface for painting. Some artists even prefer MDF or Masonite over canvas. MDF is short for Medium-Density Fibreboard. It is a newer type of hardboard product and quite similar to Masonite. Masonite is actually […]

Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part One)

Part 1 – Painting on Canvas. I’m sure you’ve heard it a billion times by now…acrylics are so versatile! Apart from their ease of usage, acrylic’s versatility extends to a wide range of surfaces you can paint them on. These include; canvas, MDF, Masonite, wood, metal, stone, fabric, glass or paper. And I can vouch […]

Snuggle Up and Cross Stitch

When it comes to creating, nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction the way painting does. But, occasionally I like to switch to other crafts…  Here in Victoria, Australia, winter has made its grand entrance. And when the mercury drops considerably and each day our daylight hours are shortened, I get this overwhelming urge to […]

Warts and All…

Here in Victoria, Australia we are approaching our winter months. Our coldest season begins in June through to August. Each year just as the chills of winter begin to dominate our weather and dark grey skies appear, “magic” reveals itself in the form of mushrooms. And when I say “magic”, I mean these honey-hued, heavy […]

Why choose acrylics?

When I enrolled in my first painting class (many years ago) I was given a list of materials to purchase. The paint requirement was a sample box of acrylic paints, it contained about ten tubes, each containing a different colour. Acrylics were all the go back then, a time when Folk Art was HUGE; everyone […]

Enjoying the View

I’ve been spoilt this month… I have a project featured in two magazines. I am literally beside myself (understatement). And to my surprise, one project made the front page of Fine Art and Decorative Painting. Woohoo!!! There I was casually browsing the magazine aisle at the newsagency when I spotted my painting – I had […]

Getting to know an Artist’s Brush

The paintbrush is the artist’s tool. In essence they are the tools of their trade. They are as important to an artist as an instrument is to a musician.  The more an artist uses their brushes the more  increasingly familiar they become with the way they handle the paint and what they can accomplish with […]