Getting Creative with Stencils

A number of years ago I went looking for a particular stencil with a basic checker-board design. I must have visited every single art and craft store in Melbourne … and I found nothing, not a single stencil in sight. I was even prepared to settle for a similar design, but finding a stencil during that time was impossible.

Now you can find them in art shops, craft shops and online stores … in fact you name it- stencils can be found almost anywhere! These days with so many designs available you can be sure you will find a stencil that suits your needs.

A stencil can be applied onto so many surfaces from wooden furniture, canvas, paper and fabric. Just to name a few.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve the best stencil results possible.

Decide on the position of your stencil. Don’t be afraid to play around and reposition your design until you are happy with its placement, then, tape it to your chosen item with low tack sticky tape – such as Magic Tape (placing the tape on a couple of the corners of the stencil should be sufficient).

The Magic Tape will keep your stencil in place and will ensure that it won’t move as you paint inside of it.

Dip the tip of your dry stencil brush into the paint, wipe any excess paint off on a paper towel  (after all remember that stencilling is a dry brush technique) then gently pounce in a straight up and down motion over the design. Let it dry.

Usually the first coat gives you a dry brush effect but if you want a solid coverage keep the stencil in place then repeat the last step after the first coat is dry.

Carefully remove the stencil, then if required place the stencil on another part of the item and repeat the same process then let it dry thoroughly.

Once you have finished with the stencil, wash it as soon as you’re done with warm soapy water. Pay attention to the  corners of the design, make sure all the paint has been removed to ensure a crisp outline next time you use them. Allow the stencils to dry flat before storing them flat as well.

Happy painting,


4 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Stencils

      • My husband and I have played a little with chalk paints. I love the idea of taking old pieces of furniture and making them new again, however, other than painting something, my husband is not adventurous and stencils would possibly be a bridge too far for him. I shall certainly keep it in mind though, because I love the results you have achieved here.

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